Guest Post – Fried Fish Bakes with Ma’Jay Tout

It gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce you all to my Auntie Denise, or her cooking alias “Ma’Jay Tout“, which rather aptly means “Eat It All”.

Ever since I was old enough to have solids, Auntie Denise’s food has been filling me with JOY. Joy and the most delicious flavours and tastes from our family’s home in the Caribbean.

Anyone who has been to one of my birthday BBQs or family gatherings can testify to how AMAZING her food is.  The passion and expertise she puts in every meal makes her in my opinion, the best damned chef out there, and it isn’t even her full time job, even though she once had her own food stall at Shoreditch Market and has ventured into the catering industry.

After trying her food, friends always ask if I can pass on the recipes. I can’t. Quite simply, I don’t have the range, but Denise does and luckily, she’s now sharing her secrets and tips on her very own YouTube channel, which already has a number of tasty meals up there for you to try at home including One Tray Wings, Veggie Burgers and Fruity Island Ice Poles.

I have decided to share this Fish Bakes one first as Denise’s bakes are my favourite food in the whole world – and who doesn’t like a gourmet fish sandwich?

Take a look and subscribe to the channel for more tasty goodness.


If you try any of her recipes, make sure to take lots of pics and share them with me!

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