Egg-free recipes

pjimageDespite enjoying vegan recipes, I’ll be honest, eggs are a huge staple in my diet and an important ingredient with most of my baking.

If you’re reading this article at the time of publishing you’ll know that we’re in the middle of a…well, global crisis. For some reason along with toilet roll(?!), eggs are quite hard to come by now.

Normally, we use eggs to add texture, flavour and richness to a mixture. They are also used to help bind all the ingredients together and help cakes to rise. However, there are lots of alternatives that work just as well.

Whilst I can’t offer alternatives for your cooked breakfasts (I’m missing poached eggs on toast fix myself!), I can offer a few egg-less cake recipes, which taste just as delicious.


  1. Vegan Lemon Cake

A vegan take on a classic cake, this is comfort food at it’s finest. You can enjoy this as a mid-morning work from home snack and nice cuppa.



2) Vegan Chocolate and Avocado Cake

Indulgent, messy and bougie. My type of cake. Haha. But really, avocado sounds like a strange ingredient, but this recipe is a winner. If you have a birthday or other celebration and can’t make it out of the house, this is a real treat and perfect for sharing.




3) Vegan Courgette and Pistachio Cake

It sounds more like a salad, but trust me, this loaf is a tasty treat and includes a few of your five a day. Not sure if that counts in a cake, but surely it can’t hurt!



4) Apple and Chocolate Chip muffins

This is probably the simplest of the recipes, which is great if you want to make a batch load of muffins with left over ingredients.




Which of these eggless recipes is taking your fancy? As always I’d love to see photos of pics of what you’ve tried. You can share with me here on the blog or on Instagram at theleopardprintbaker.

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